"The Monster"

American premier original musical "The Monster"

Original Story, Music, Orchestration, Music Director, Conducting: Ko Tanaka

Book, Lyric: Isaiah Evans

Performed with Berklee Musical Theater Orchestra

Jazz Composition

AABA style of Jazz composition (2019)

A showcase of melody writing style

Marunouchi Sadistic - Ringo Sheena cover

By Ringo Sheena Tribute Band at Berklee.

(Arranger, Extra Lyric, Music Director, and Piano)

2 Hour Compose Challenge

Each song was made within 2 hours from sketching to mastering.

"Taigen Teikoku" OST

Sound Track for Japanese contemporary performing arts company "Taigen Teikoku"


"The Monster"

The original Japanese version of Ko Tanaka's first original musical theater show. Performed in Nagoya, Japan (2016)

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